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AFITZ Graphics and Web design

AFITZ the Artist designing websites, Ads, Logos, and Brochures.

An accomplished freelance artist (graphic designer / ad / website designer) with over 25 years of experience, with printed materials and ten years, practicing web design. I am a graduate from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale class of 81’, and a Fort Lauderdale native. When I graduated from art school we used real paint brushes and cut and paste was really cut and paste. The Mac had not been invented yet…I still use real brushes occasionally today, but I fully welcomed the digital age years ago, arms wide open.

AFITZ has knowledge, experience and the tools to give your company the edge. In today’s market place you need every advantage you can get for your company. I can give you an advantage over the rest with Identity, brochures, a logo, and cross-platform from print to web. I’m sure I can help, whatever your requests.

AFITZ ad designs appear in national publications such as:

Below are some of my recent originals . You will be able to purchase these and other originals from AFITZ as
framed printed pieces in the near future.
Title: Crystals
Illustration: Photoshop - (©2009 - AFITZ)
Title: Thinker
Illustration: Illustrator / Photoshop - (©2009 - AFITZ)
Silly Billy
Illustration: Illustrator / Photoshop - (©2009 - AFITZ)



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